‘I learnt that you can’t ‘get it wrong’ when you are devising.  Everything that doesn’t really work teaches you something and you find the thing you actually want to say by trying it out.  That’s what I took away.  That and ‘get rid of the table and chairs’ – you can’t talk about theatre, you have to try it out!  Be brave!  What’s the worst that can happen? And, you might end up with a really good play!

One of the real strengths of delivering Tropicana Troubadours – Young Theatre Makers has been the ability to provide sustained work – a real rarity in the world of communtiy theatre!  The Young Theatre Makers have come from the length and breadth of the locality and the project has not only been successful in providing live theatre experiences by inviting participants to watch Theatre Tropicana shows but by fostering vital relationships with local schools.  We have been delighted to work intensively with the talented students and dedicated Performing Arts staff at Hans Price Academy and, as well as offering opportunities to watch theatre, talk to the actors and gain valuable insight which supports GCSE studies and wider learning, the project has been delighted to deliver bespoke theatre workshops with Theatre Orchard’s Engagement Associate Practitioner Angela Athay – Hunt within school directly supporting the arts curriculum.

Here are some highlights of the ‘Developing Devising Skills’ session with Year 9 students!

‘Angie told us which practitioner the exercise came from as we were going along – I can’t belive we packed in so much!  I definetely feel brave enough to try some of these techniques in our own work’

‘Try every idea.  Nothing is off limits – even stuff you think is a bit rubbish and won’t really work and don’t be afraid to throw stuff away – professional actors do that!  WE are actors…..’