Written by Marie-Dominique Demers-King

What a fantastic afternoon was spent recently by the students of the Hans Price Academy in Weston-Super-Mare. The school’s main hall was filled with laughter as the team of dancers from Ragroof Dance Company took the students through different dance styles such as the Charleston & Lindyhop, right up to modern day dances. Then the students had the chance to choreograph their very own routine and even taught the teachers a few new moves!

The final result was a fantastic group routine, totally created by the students and which they really enjoyed performing. Everyone was smiling throughout, it was a great energetic atmosphere and got people trying new dance styles that they may not have normally tried.

Some of the students then went on to showcase the routine for the public at the Weekend of Wonders in Weston’s Italian Gardens, where The Ragroof Dance Company also performed their own brilliant ‘History of Dance’ routine.

Thanks to Heritage Lottery Funding for making this high energy event possible through Theatre Orchards Heydays Project.

by Photographer Marie-Dominique Demers-King