Written by Marie-Dominique Demers-King

Daisy Chapman is a talented singer-songwriter who filled the intimate space of Weston’s Loves Cafe effortlessly.
This was the first time that I had experienced her music. I was totally captivated by her wonderful sound – I found her songs to be enchanting & stirring.
She was accompanied by a very talented violin player who added yet more feeling to the music. They had a great rapport together & spoke about how the very next day they were going to be driving across Europe for their tour.
With her incredibly powerful voice Daisy sang a beautifully moving song called Last December. This is a song that she was asked to write by the family of two real people based on their letters to each other during the war. As you can imagine this was a really stirring song with lines like ‘You can’t be further from my heart when armed with rifle’. It had people in the room (including me) wiping away tears from our cheeks.
It was a wonderful & very special evening.
 Photos by Marie-Dominique Demers-King