Written by Joe Brooks

Hey! Joe from Atomic Rhubarb here. Our drag workshop came out of the fact the Clare from the company has a Drag Queen persona called ‘The Queer Monster’. Clare loves drag and The Queer Monster is a brilliant creation. Queer can say what she wants and do what she wants. Like Clare says: “Drag is just another mask to hide behind, it means you can be as rude and abrasive as possible and blame it on the persona and people love it”. They are in on the joke. That is the power of drag – it’s a confidence trick in a sense. It has that amazing ability to empower you.

When we were asked to do the workshop, we were worried that possibly the group attending we’re going to be shy to express themselves through drag. The idea was to build exercises that would lead to dragging up. We were surprised and delighted by the way the group threw themselves into it. We asked them to do the silliest of things just to get everyone on the same level, we’re all ridiculous and we can do whatever we want! Confidence is key.

A particular highlight was giving everyone a drag name and asking them to create a back story for this persona. The inventiveness was brilliant, charming and so funny. The room was laughing. By the time everyone was dragging up and we had the music on, the atmosphere in the room was wonderful, everyone creating their beautiful characters. In the finale getting everyone to show off their persona was empowering in itself. Everyone seemed to be so confident in the drag. I believe we succeeded in bringing out some fierce, beautiful Drag Queens, Kings and more.

“A boy in a dress is to be laughed at but a drag queen is to be feared” – Jamie New