Written by Becky Condron and Theatre Orchard Youth Board

This workshop took place in the Learning Space at Weston Museum as part of Mumblecrust Theatre’s Research and Development Stage of their new family show, The Time Machine, which premieres at Theatre Shop Clevedon this Easter.

Eighteen young people, from the ages of 6 to 15, immersed themselves in this workshop, including valued members of our new Youth Board. The young people were told about HG Wells’ classic book and, after conversation and warm up games, they created inventive and fun short pieces of theatre.

Ceilidh from the Youth Board writes:
“We were given the task of creating little pieces of drama based on what we’d been told. The creative process was really fun to watch. Each of the four groups came up with something really cool. One group came up with the idea of sending a chicken through the machine. When the
chicken came out again, it was met by little green jitterbugs and then a fairy godmother who offered out sweets”

Thank you to Katie-Louise and Chloe for taking over our Instagram account during the workshop and to Liv from the Youth Board for being photographer.