‘Whirligig!’ Festival of Outdoor Arts

Saturday 13 July, 12pm to 6pm at Weston’s Italian Gardens

Image by award-winning illustrator Ana Jaks

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8 Songs – Gandini Juggling
A series of choreographed juggling vignettes set to 8 classic rock and roll songs. A tribute to
the mythical landscape of popular music. From Dylan’s stream of consciousness realms to
the Velvet Underground’s troubling landscapes, from David Bowie’s soulful escapades to the
rocking Rolling Stone’s anthemic joie de vivre.

Belly of the Whale – Ockham’s Razor, produced by Turtle Key Arts
Circus meets sculpture in this exciting new outdoor show from Ockham’s Razor, winners of
the Total Theatre & Jacksons Lane Award for Circus at the Edinburgh Festival. The
performers, like surfers on a wild sea, ride a giant semi-circular see-saw made of wood and
steel which creaks and groans as it creates an ever-changing land and soundscape,
transforming from catapult to rocking cradle to tunnel to slide.
The concept of the belly of the whale is found in mythology around the world. What
happens when we confront our fears and come face to face with the power and momentum
of things we seemingly can’t change?

Roadworks – Etta Ermini Dance Theatre
Dynamic dance theatre that incorporates acrobatics, B-Boying, contemporary dance and
BMX-ing. Two characters use their art form as a technique to communicate. Inspired by the
Hip Hop ‘battle’ format, they draw upon a multitude of creative expressions in the battle for
their place on the road.

dip – Max Calaf Sevé
Light-hearted, breathtaking, air-twisting tricks fused with funky tunes, the stunning,
trampolining show takes a sideways glance at how we can form relationships in a society of
over-consumption. With a poetic touch, ‘dip’ explores themes of co-operation, acceptance
and serendipity.

The Wheel House – Acrojou
The Wheel House is a rolling, acrobatic-theatre show, which unfolds inside and around a
circular set as it moves, with the audience walking alongside. Join these traveller-gatherers
on the road to nowhere in an enchanting story set in a dystopian future, at a time where
survival relies on sharp eyes, quick hands and, above all, friendship.

Bingo Lingo – Wild N Beets
Disability politics meets cheeky end of the pier humour in this game of chance. Harnessing
the nation’s love for Bingo, comperes Beryl and Cyril share their joy for the game, in the
hope of making Bingo an official Paralympic sport. Played on oversized bingo cards it’s a
chance for everyone to get involved as never before.

Ceilidh Jam – Folk Dance Remixed
Folk Dance Remixed bring together dance and music from folk traditions from around the
world and blend them with contemporary street dance styles and hip-hop beats. This is one
funked-up ceilidh guaranteed to get you on your feet and whirling to a foot-stomping, beat
boxing, big live music sound that guarantees an unforgettable finale to this year’s Whirligig!

‘Whirligig!’ Walkabouts

Lost Luggage – Liberty Rocks
With its life suddenly uprooted, the semi-sentient ‘Lost Luggage’ machine is on the lookout for a safe harbour, carrying all its worldly possessions and the hopes, dreams and fears of its homesick crew, as they explore our alien environment, seeking out a safe new planet to call home.

Vegetable Nannies – Plunge Boom
Two everyday gardeners, the Vegetable Nannies, have taken their young vegetables out of
the ground for a day trip and look to the public to help feed and take care of the baby fruits and vegetable – with hilarious results.

Baba Yaga’s House – Dizzy O’Dare
‘Baba Yaga‘s House’, is a roaming, ramshackle old cottage, built on chicken legs! After centuries asleep, Baba Yaga flies again and she’s hungry. She’ll stop at nothing to find a feast, while Izba her house trundles behind. Inspired by Slavic fairytales, Dizzy O’Dare brings this unique story to life.

The Swimmers – Sarah Corbett
Swimming champions Betty Brigham and Olive Orlando step out of their bathing huts to tell their tall tale of the cross Channel swim in ‘The Swimmers’ by Sarah Corbett, aided by goose fat, buoyancy aids and commemorative bunting.

‘Belly of the Whale’, ‘8 Songs’ ‘The Wheel House’, ‘Baba Yaga’s House’, ‘Vegetable Nannies’ and ‘Bingo Lingo’ are all shows supported by Without Walls, England’s biggest network of outdoor arts festivals. Theatre Orchard is a partner in Without Walls, working with festivals and artists and bringing fantastic outdoor arts to people in towns and cities across the UK.

Whirligig! workshops and activities

Roadworks acrobatics and BMX workshop with Etta Ermini Dance Theatre – don’t forget to
bring your BMX!

Community Scrapstore North Somerset help everyone to create unique Disco Head Boppers from recycled materials. Why throw it away when you can funk it up and wear it?

Extinction Rebellion are on hand to build bug hotels, helping us to reconnect with nature, whilst saving the planet.

Circus Fantastic bring circus to the streets with an array of twirly, spinning, fun equipment, teaching you all the techniques and tricks of the trade. For all those who want to run away to the Circus (and then go home again!).

Groovers in the Gardens is a unique and off-the-wall silent disco with out-there, local theatre company, Atomic Rhubarb. Come and have a good old boogie (disco fancy dress is very welcome)

Our Facepainters Bev and Fay have a palette of colours and huge imaginations. Just bring your face!

Pizza and Puppets is a unique experience for all ages, a chance to make, eat and enjoy your favourite pizza. Delicious fun with food.